Bulletproof coffee recipe

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

If normal coffee is a pick-me-up, then Bulletproof Coffee should be the magic bullet for body, mind, and soul. Because if you believe the proponents of the new trendy drink, then the coffee with butter and coconut oil.

Bulletproof Coffee not only promotes concentration but also makes you fit and dispels the feeling of hunger. It should be a healthy breakfast for everyone who needs an energy boost in the morning but can’t get anything “big” down. But is it all really true?

What is behind the “bulletproof” coffee – is it really a magic potion? We took a closer look at the whole thing.

Bulletproof Coffee: origin, effect, and recipe

What makes this coffee so popular? The answer sounds daring given the ingredients: Bulletproof Coffee gives you a lot of energy and helps you lose weight.

We have examined below where this coffee product comes from, what makes it special, what effect it causes, and why. Finally, you will find the original recipe for this superfood.

Who invented Bulletproof Coffee?

The inventor of Bulletproof Coffee is Dave Asprey. The idea for this coffee is said to have come to the entrepreneur about ten years ago. At that point, he was exhausted and freezing in a hut in Tibet, where he found shelter. His hostess at the time, an old Tibetan woman, made him a tea with yak butter, a traditional drink in the region. Asprey felt full of energy and zest for action after enjoying the butter tea.

Bulletproof coffee recipe

After leaving Tibet, the idea persisted, and he experimented with numerous ingredients. He quickly swapped the tea for coffee because the latter seemed more practical to him. Finally, he found the perfect combination of pasture butter and MCT oil.

All in all, Bulletproof Coffee fits into the logic of the paleo diet, which is about a natural diet like from the Stone Age: Food must be natural and unprocessed. With only 3 ingredients (coffee, butter, coconut oil), the “fat coffee” fulfills these criteria – but you still have to pay attention to a few things when selecting the ingredients and preparation.

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What is the effect of Bulletproof Coffee?

Well, one thing is for sure: this drink does not make it bulletproof! In order to understand the effects of Bulletproof Coffee, one has to examine the various ingredients. Coffee beans that are particularly low in toxins are used for the real bulletproof. As a rule, only intact, high-quality coffee beans that are only lightly roasted are used – in line with the virtue of the Third Wave Coffee movement.

As a result, the number of antioxidants remains high compared to a dark roast, while toxins are significantly lower. Basically, coffee, with its caffeine content, is a good source of energy. In addition, there is an anti-inflammatory effect in the brain region, which suggests that coffee can prevent diseases such as dementia.

What do butter and MCT oil do in Bulletproof Coffee?

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee includes butter and medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT for short. Butter is generally not known as a superfood. Why isn’t milk used instead of butter in Bulletproof Coffee?

Butter, and especially pasture butter, has three advantages over milk that justify its use in a bulletproof coffee recipe. Butter keeps you healthy, full and promotes the burning of fat.

In addition, one component of milk is the protein casein. This has the property of reducing the chlorogenic acid contained in the coffee bean and thus minimizing the positive effect. Butter doesn’t have this protein.

As a result, butter coffee contains 3.4 times more antioxidants than coffee with milk.

A real bulletproof is not yet complete. The MCT oil is still missing. This stands for fatty acids. MCT can be found in coconut oil, for example. They work on the body in terms of burning fat. This condition is called ketosis. Instead of glucose, fat is burned. With the effect that we are more efficient and burn fat at the same time. Ideal for losing weight!

Bulletproof coffee recipe

Does Bulletproof Coffee make you slim?

New trendy drinks are constantly being invented. They have a particular hype potential for worldwide attention if they contribute to the fight against annoying pounds. This is why green tea became so popular in the western world, and so is bulletproof coffee. Its inventor had already boasted that he had lost 45 kilograms of bodyweight with it. Is it all just a sales pitch?

Losing weight by consuming a lot of fat is not a new idea. The Atkins diet is supposed to work exactly according to this principle, with few carbohydrates but a lot of protein and fat on the menu. This should fill you up and help you lose weight because the body cannot store the calories in the fat depot without carbohydrates and sugar. A steak in the morning would be allowed, but muesli with fruit would be taboo. Many people actually lose weight drastically – but Atkins is still very controversial. There is a risk of deficiency symptoms because the body lacks important vitamins and trace elements, and the risk of gout, lipid metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases is increasing sharply.

Bulletproof Coffee is also said to change metabolic function. Allegedly, the body is switched to burning fat at the beginning of the day if you drink the drink that is dripping with butter and coconut oil in the morning. The MCT fatty acids are also supposed to fill you up and curb your appetite. It sounds paradoxical: do you pour the fat into your coffee and lose weight in the process? A controversial logic that many swear by – and demonize others.

The weight loss effect of Bulletproof Coffee is controversial

It is true that such a buttery coffee will fill you up for a long time – but maybe afterward you simply lose your appetite for more, who knows? But of course, you consume significantly more calories with it than with a quasi-calorie-free espresso, a filter coffee with a little milk, or even a normal cappuccino.

Butter and coconut oil are calorie bombs, but they tend to be bad because of the quantity in which they are consumed with Bulletproof coffee. Because butter’s formerly bad reputation, that it damages the blood vessels and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, is nothing to do with, say nutrition experts. Roasting that is too hot should be avoided, because then the dangerous trans fatty acids are formed.

A cup of Bulletproof Coffee (200ml) has at least 250 calories and 25g of fat.

That’s what nutritionists say about Bulletproof Coffee

Nevertheless, according to Asprey and the numerous fans of the oily coffee drink, the advantages are obvious: A bulletproof coffee in the morning will drive away hunger for many hours and serve as a guarantee for wise (i.e. healthy and low-calorie) food decisions throughout the day. Unfortunately, everyone can only try out for themselves whether this is true.

The critics of Bulletproof Coffee are a little more cautious with the hymns of praise – nutrition experts meet the “miracle drink” with a healthy dose of skepticism. As always, it depends on what you eat afterward and how many calories you consume in total per day.

In short: Bulletproof coffee cannot replace a healthy diet and a lot of exercise!

Bulletproof coffee

Does Bulletproof Coffee make you fit?

The caffeine contained in coffee undoubtedly wakes you up. But the Bulletproof Coffee drinkers swear that thanks to the drink they feel much more vital and fitter than after a simple espresso or filter coffee. Well, many fans of Bulletproof Coffee are said to be grumpy breakfasters, whose bodies naturally get a previously unaccustomed boost of energy after a cup of fat. But what else is there about the supposedly revitalizing effect?

How do you make a real Bulletproof Coffee?

The basic recipe for a bulletproof coffee is relatively simple: To do this, pour the brewed coffee into a blender and add one to two tablespoons of pasture butter and one to two tablespoons of MCT oil. This combination is thoroughly mixed in the mixer and the original Bulletproof Coffee is ready.

You can refine this recipe according to your taste and preferences. For example with a little cinnamon, cocoa powder, or vanilla.

The important thing is: no milk, no sugar! Otherwise, the good effect of the Bulletproof would fizzle out.

Bulletproof Coffee recipe

The Bulletproof Coffee cannot contain any coffee, any butter, or some randomly chosen oil. No, in order to meet the criteria of Paleo or Keto eating, the ingredients must be of the best quality and as unprocessed as possible. Asprey suggests the following recipe:

  • 1 cup of filter coffee (organic)
  • 2 tablespoons butter (pasture butter from cows who regularly eat grass)
  • 2 tablespoons of MCT oil (coconut oil, rapeseed oil, or organically labeled oil)

All these ingredients are simply mixed together and the miracle drink is ready. It’s best to puree everything with a hand blender or a high-performance mixer to get a nice, foamy consistency. Will that help the taste? More on that in a moment … Now let’s take a quick look at why the selection of ingredients in Bulletproof Coffee is so important.

Bulletproof coffee

The preparation of the Bulletproof Coffee

In theory, you already know how to prepare Bulletproof Coffee. However, the high-fat caffeine drink really depends on a few tricks so that you not only “get it down well” – but also taste it as good as possible.

Ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee: High quality, please!

Organic coffee is grown and processed particularly carefully. If you prepare it with the hand filter, for example, its flavors come into their own. Of course, any other coffee machine works too!

When it comes to butter (due to the lack of yaks in our latitudes), there is also some from pasture cattle: In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, it allegedly contains more linoleic acid and vitamins such as K2. Yes, in the good old butter, which was recently considered totally unhealthy! Alternatively, Asprey suggests ghee, clarified butter that is known from Indian cuisine. It no longer contains milk proteins and should therefore be more digestible.

The highlight of Bulletproof Coffee is MCT oil

Either pure coconut oil or special, highly concentrated preparations – which are also made from coconut oil. MCT oil because it is high in medium-chain triglycerides. Bodybuilders swear by it for muscle building, but coconut oil is also a jack-of-all-trades: It should work against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, be easy to digest, and strengthen the heart.

On top of that, it can even be used to care for skin, hair, and nails. It is not without reason that almost every beauty and lifestyle blog swears by it.

Bulletproof coffee coconut

Caffeine and coconut oil are good partners

It could actually be true, however, that the caffeine in Bulletproof Coffee stays in the body for a particularly long time because it is bound by fat. It gets into the blood more slowly and can be broken down less quickly. However, in combination with fat, caffeine also blocks digestion, which is why you should not consume anything else besides the drink.

Coconut oil or MCT oil also provides an energy boost thanks to the medium-chain MCT oils it contains, as they are very useful for the body and quickly get the brain going.

One thing is clear: the hoped-for effect of coconut oil should also occur without mixing it with coffee – you can probably get it yourself while cooking.

There are even good reasons to enjoy Bulletproof Coffee only with coconut oil and without butter: On the one hand, the drink is also suitable for vegans. And on the other hand, coffee should only be able to show its certain effects thanks to the plant substances it contains, which some hope for – because they are supposedly prevented by cow’s milk or other dairy products (such as butter).

Bulletproof coffee coconut

More tips to make Bulletproof Coffee taste good

The question of the questions: Can you even drink the greasy brew? Well, at least it takes getting used to! You can get different opinions in many health, beauty, and weight loss forums: some choke as soon as the butter film on the coffee touches their lips, others think the taste is great. There are a few more tips for preparation so that it tastes good to you:

Make sure to mix until foamy

The fats from butter and oil can only be combined with the coffee with a mixer – it tastes better and also feels smoother and more pleasant in the mouth. Stirring alone is not enough, and it will definitely result in unwanted fat streaks on your drink.

Take strong coffee

Because it has to assert itself against all kinds of fat in terms of taste. So it’s better to use a dark, strong roast like our Happy Coffee Sidamo. If you prefer little acidity and still an aromatic balance, try our Happy Coffee Chiapas instead.

Refine if necessary

Some add a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom or nutmeg to the bulletproof coffee to get rid of the dominant buttery taste.

Slowly approach the MCT oil

MCT oil stimulates the metabolism and, if you are not used to it, it can lead to diarrhea. Therefore, you may start with a little less than what is stated in your prescription and gradually increase the dose.

Don’t eat anything else

Bulletproof coffee is so substantial that it replaces breakfast. If you eat something, you not only consume a lot of calories, you also risk a feeling of fullness!

But, of course, the well-established proverb also applies here: trying is better than studying. In the communities, preparation with more MCT oil or coconut oil and less butter is also favored for reasons of taste. But as I said, this is also a question of individual compatibility.

Bulletproof coffee coconut

Our conclusion on Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof Coffee is clearly a coffee variation that does not suit everyone’s taste. But if you want to have a say, you should definitely try it out. All you need is a good, freshly brewed filter coffee, first-class butter (preferably pasture butter from happy cows), and a dash of coconut oil.

FAQ about Bulletproof Coffee

Does Bulletproof Coffee stimulate the production of ketones?

Coconut oil contains, among other things, the important MCT fats – middle chain triglycerides, which are great food for the brain.

MCT is converted into what is known as ketones in the liver. The liver keeps part of it for energy supply and part can be used directly to the brain for energy supply. And that’s the super fuel for the brain: beta-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetate, and acetone – the ketones, also called ketone bodies.

Ketones are THE efficient source of energy for the brain, like SUPERFOOD for our brain cells. Our body can only enjoy it when we are in what is known as ketosis, i.e. when we eat very few carbohydrates so that this energy source for supplying the brain and muscles were made from fat (during periods of hunger in the Stone Age). An ingenious mechanism of the body!

Ketones can also improve the oxygen supply in the brain, which contributes to a higher concentration. Furthermore, less waste is generated in the brain when ketone is used than when using pure glucose, which is why this fuel is also considered “clean”.

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