how to make pour over coffee

How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Drink coffee with a clear conscience, without sacrificing enjoyment: pour-over coffee makes it possible. And the best thing about it: We don’t need a high-end fully automatic machine or ecologically questionable coffee capsules for the preparation, just a hand filter, a filter bag, and of course coffee – we’re ready to go. We give you …

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10 reasons why we love coffee

10 Reasons Why We Love Coffee

The tingling sensation in the stomach. A comfortably warm feeling inside. And that youthful permanent grin on your face. Love is in the air. And our love is for the best hot drink in the world! In this article, you will learn: Reasons why so many people drink coffee The science that backs the all-round …

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How to make Cuban coffee

How to Make Cuban Coffee

How to make Cuban coffee is a question for a true coffee fan. Enjoyment is in the blood of the Cubans. No wonder that coffee is one of the most popular luxury foods alongside tobacco. Whoever thinks of Cuba will probably be the first to think of Fidel Castro and Caribbean beaches and a tropical …

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How to roast coffee

How to Roast Coffee Beans

How is the typical brown coffee bean made? In our article, we tell you everything about the coffee roasting stages and how the process works. What is coffee roasting? One of the most important steps on their journey is what is known as roasting. But how exactly can we roast coffee and what happens in …

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how to make coffee americano, what is caffee americano

What Is Americano Coffee

Americano coffee is not an American hot drink, but an Italian specialty. Since the preparation takes more practice than initially assumed, here’s how to prepare a stylish Americano coffee. If history is to be believed, Cafe Americano (also spelled Caffè Americano) owes its name to American soldiers who were stationed in Italy during World War …

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