How to make French press coffee, how much coffee for French press, how to use French press

How to Make French Press Coffee

French press coffee has been one of the simplest and most popular coffee preparation methods for several decades. The French Press is a comparatively old preparation method that originated in 19th century France. Not only does it make delicious coffees, but it is also easy to use and easy to clean.

In this article, you will learn everything about using the French Press for coffee preparation, detailed steps to make coffee in French Press, and 10+ tips and tricks for easy use.

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What makes French press coffee special?

  • Coffee from the French press is one of the easiest and best preparation methods for delicious coffee!
  • Comparatively little equipment and no additional power source
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • A French press is comparatively cheap and available in many sizes and designs
  • Taste: The French Press coffee is particularly characterized by its full body and its aroma. The reason for this is that the metal sieve does not filter out the oils and fats contained in coffee (unlike other methods of filtration). Of course, these oils are also flavor carriers.

The history of the French Press

The history of the French Press is more than a century old. The stamppot, or coffee press, as it is also called, owes its name to its country of origin, France. There the first French press by Mayer and Delforge was presented in 1852. The new brewing method should facilitate the coffee brewing process and make coffee enjoyment more pleasant. The new development was patented in the same year. But then, the French Press was not exactly what we imagine it to be today.

How to make French press coffee

It wasn’t until almost 80 years later that the Italian Attilio Calmani Guilo Moneta patented the French press model in 1929, which we still use today.

However, we often associate a French press with a typical design, with a glass container, round handle, and three small widely spread feet. We also owe this design to an Italian developer, Faliero Bondanini applied for the patent for the “Chambord” in 1959. The new stamp pot quickly achieved a high level of popularity and enjoyed great popularity. With the new coffee preparation method, the concept of the cafeteria developed, which became the epitome of the French lifestyle.

On the British market, the developer Bondaniani named the “Chambord” as a “La Cafetiere Classic”. The Danish company Bodum, which was still booming after international success at the time, showed great interest in the popular coffee press. The further development of the cafeteria is strictly linked to him. Bodum sold the “Chambord” products in Denmark, acquired the production facilities and the rights to the name of the coffee maker. The “La Cafetière” brand remained in the hands of the original owners.

How to make French press coffee, how much coffee for French press, how to use French press

Since the division, there have always been contradicting legal disputes between the parties.

It is up to you to decide who should develop the French Press, the French or the Italians. One thing is for sure, the French Press preparation method is the easiest way to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

The French Press is a coffee pot in which coffee grounds are pushed down using a stamp. The stamp is equipped with a metal filter, the task of which is to hold back the coffee grounds but allow the flavor carriers, the coffee oils, to pass through. The result is an aromatic drink with a full body and a texture enhanced by the fine particles.

However, the sieve is not particularly fine so that a small part of the finest coffee particles remain in the drink. The Canadian company Espro has found the solution to this problem and offers plunger cans with a patented double microfilter that retains even the finest particles, resulting in a very clear and aromatic coffee.

How to make French press coffee

How do you make French Press coffee? You will find out now!

The preparation of coffee with a French press gives you some freedom to prepare the coffee according to your own preferences.

You can vary the taste of the coffee a little through the possible settings of the variables such as grinding degree, water temperature, or brewing time.

There are no strict rules about how to best prepare coffee with a French press, the most important thing is to enjoy the coffee. However, we have summarized a few tips for you that you could consider in order to get the best out of the coffee beans.

How to buy the right French Press

First, you have to know that the French Press has many names: stamp jug, Chambord jug, coffee press, coffee pusher, press jug  – and since you know the history, you understand why.

Compared to other preparation methods, you can stay with the French Press for well under $30 with reasonable quality. French press jugs are usually constructed very similarly – a container (possibly with a frame) and a stamp.

Most containers are made of glass which is held in a frame. Newer French press jugs are now also available in a more robust stainless steel container.

The end of the stamp is equipped with a metal sieve, which serves as a kind of filter. The biggest difference is whether the frame and stamp are made of metal or plastic. Metal should be preferred here.

In most cases, the French press works better and the material is more robust. The assembly of the stamp is another difference. With a cheap French press, the individual parts are only connected with one screw, which then tends to loosen during cleaning. So a tightly sealed connection is better.

The shelf life of good quality is almost infinite – only the sink and the dishwasher occasionally cause broken glasses, so be careful here!

How to make French press coffee, how much coffee for French press, how to use French press

The coffee recommendation for the French Press

Basically, as always, every coffee is suitable and it is a question of taste. Of course, you can argue about the topic of taste and in the end, everyone has to test and decide for themselves, but there are a few tips you can keep in mind when buying:

  • You can get various coffees in the supermarket. However, this is mostly industrially roasted using hot air. This roasting process is cheaper, but the complex variety of aromas suffers. The variety of flavors is developed in a long-term roast, after roasting for around 20 minutes. As a rule, you can only get high-quality coffee from small roasters.
  • You should also note that only fresh coffee is bought. Coffee tastes best up to around 4 to 8 weeks after it has been roasted.
  • There are many manufacturers who indicate a shelf life of 2 years on the packaging of the coffee. Even if the coffee does not spoil during this time, its taste quality still decreases with increasing age. You can only get really excellent coffee from fresh, high-quality roasted coffee.
  • Ideally, you should always grind your coffee fresh.

How to make French press coffee

How to make French Press coffee: The degree of grinding

You need ground coffee to prepare it with the French Press. This means you can either buy a ground coffee straight away or grind beans yourself.

As with all preparation methods, the grind is of great importance. It is therefore important to use a precise and powerful coffee grinder, because this grinds the coffee beans evenly, which ultimately leads to better extraction and caffeine content. So how fine should you grind? The degree of grinding for the punch pot preparation should be rather coarse, like granules.

If you grind very finely, the coffee will extract too quickly and taste bitter. Since the sieve of the punch has relatively large pores, more particles then remain in the finished drink, which can then appear viscous.

How to make French press coffee, how much coffee for French press, how to use French press

9 steps to the perfect French Press coffee

French Press Coffee is a great alternative to ensure decent coffee quality in a simple and fast way at work (also as a lone warrior for good coffee).

Step 1: Bring the water to a boil

Boil a little more water to warm up your equipment. For a water temperature of 95 degrees when infusing, let the water cool down a little after boiling.

Step 2: Weigh the coffee beans

Weigh 60 grams of coffee per liter of water – in this case, 45 grams for 750 milliliters. If you don’t have scales – a heaped tablespoon is about 10 grams.

Step 3: Set the grinding degree and grind the coffee beans

The grind setting on your grinder should be very coarse, something like semolina. Due to the long brewing time of the coffee of 4:30 minutes in total, the coffee would burn if you grind it finer.

Side fact: People often associate bitter coffee with the French Press, which is often due to the fact that pre-ground powder is used for the filter machine.

How to make French press coffee

Step 4: Rinse the French press

Rinse the French press with a little hot water to clean and preheat it.

Step 5: Put the ground coffee in the pot

There’s no specific order for this step.

Step 6: Pour some water and stir

Pour about twice as much water as coffee (for 45 grams of coffee with 90 milliliters of water). Stir well once so that all of the coffee is in contact with water.

How to make French press coffee

Step 7: Let the coffee brew

Let the coffee steep for 30 seconds. Then pour in the rest of the water. Let the French Press steep for another 4 minutes!

Step 8: Skim off the coffee layer

After 4:30 minutes of brewing time, it is important to interrupt the further extraction. So take two large spoons and scoop off the layer of coffee on the surface of the water.

Step 9: Press the plunger down

Put the lid on and let it warm up for a few seconds. The metal, which has expanded somewhat due to the heat, then sits closer in the French press.

Gently push the plunger down through the jug to filter the remaining coffee grounds out of the water. Wait a few more seconds for the coffee to settle a little.

How to make French press coffee

Important notes to make French Press coffee

The coffee to water ratio in a French Press pot

It’s actually a very simple formula. The ratio is 15 parts coffee to 1 part water. For example, to prepare a cup of around 225 ml, you need 15 grams of coffee. Start with this ratio, which you can then always adjust, adding more coffee or water until you have found the right one for your taste buds.

How to make French Press coffee: The water temperature

The water temperature is another variable that you can experiment with to suit your taste. Simply let the water cool down for approx. 45 seconds after boiling to an approximate brewing temperature of 95 ° Celsius.

The brewing time in the French Press

The brewing time ranges from 4 to 5 minutes. If you like a stronger, dark taste, just let the coffee steep for about 5 minutes before you press the coffee stamp. A 4-minute brew time is a safe starting point. You shouldn’t ignore the brew test, because over-extracted coffee tastes bitter and under-extracted coffee is thin and watery.

French Press coffee: The brewing process

It couldn’t be simpler. Pour the ground coffee into the preferably preheated coffee pot, slowly add the water, completely moisten the coffee powder (initially only use a small amount of water). After a short time, stir gently for about 30 seconds and slowly add the remaining water. We recommend using a kettle for controlled pouring of the water. After 4 minutes, press the coffee stamp of the coffee press down.

How to make French press coffee

5 tips for the perfect French press coffee

# 1 What is the right amount of coffee for the French press?

A general guideline is 60 grams of coffee for 1 liter of water. Commercially available French press jugs hold approx. 750ml, but 45g would be the guideline value.

# 2 which grind is right for the French press?

The right grind for the French press is very coarse. Anyone who grinds their own coffee in an exemplary manner (here we also have an article on the subject of coffee roasting, in which we describe why freshly ground coffee is better) should almost always use one of the coarsest grind settings available.

Commercially available pre-ground coffees are actually too fine – that is the reason why many find the coffee from the French press to be bitter. Therefore, note the next point about the degree of grinding.

The coffee should be ground very coarsely because the contact time with the water is relatively long when using the French press.

# 3 How long does the coffee need to steep in the French press?

Pour in water until the coffee is well covered and let it steep for about 30 seconds. Then pour in the rest of the water and wait another 4 minutes.

Boil a little more water than the French Press can hold so you have some water to preheat your equipment. The water temperature when brewing should not exceed 95 degrees, so let the water cool down a little after boiling.

# 4 what is the correct water temperature for the French Press?

A guiding value here is 95 degrees. After boiling, let the water cool down briefly in the kettle.

# 5 which coffee is suitable for the French press?

Especially for coffee drinkers, for whom coffee is often too bitter or difficult to digest, we recommend freshly roasted coffee straight from a coffee roastery.

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