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Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Lose weight with coffee: The coffee diet should lead you to your dream weight. But is that also healthy? We have all the facts about the new trend.

Most of them have probably tried to shed a few extra pounds at some point. Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight with coffee? If this is your favorite hot drink too, then we have good news for you. In addition to a good shot of energy, coffee can also help you lose weight – a dream combination, right? Sounds too good to be true? We want to get to the bottom of the matter: How can you lose weight with coffee?

Why use coffee for weight loss

Coffee is always a good idea – because no matter whether early in the morning or on a date with your best friend, coffee tastes good at any occasion, gently brightens the mood, and has an ingenious wake-up effect, without which we sometimes can’t even go would come to the bed.

And it can be even better: coffee – and this has been scientifically confirmed – also sheds the kilos. So effective that now a whole diet has been developed around the fragrant drink, with which one should lose weight easily and every coffee junkie gets her money’s worth.


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A diet that revolves around delicious coffee – the basics first

The coffee diet was developed by the American physician Dr. Bob Arnot developed in 2017. In various studies, the doctor was able to identify a connection between coffee consumption and weight loss, but also linked the drink to improved health and the resulting longer lifespan.

In keeping with the scientific findings, the doctor then brought out a book called “The Coffee Lover’s Bible”, which explains exactly how you can lose weight with coffee and enjoy the special health benefits.

The basis of this diet is, of course, coffee! According to the doctor, it should be 720 milliliters a day, which corresponds to about three cups.

Coffee addicts are also allowed to drink more, Dr. Arnot, namely, no limit, provided you can tolerate the crowd without any problems. However, there are two rules you should follow when preparing it: On the one hand, the expert advises avoiding sugar, milk, or cream in order to save unnecessary calories.

On the other hand, you should rely on a light coffee roast, as it contains more antioxidants (so-called polyphenols) and increases the health-promoting effect.

Losing weight with coffee: more rules of the coffee diet

Drink coffee and lose weight? Unfortunately, it would be a little too easy, so you should adjust the entire diet during the diet. It is recommended to eat a balanced and clean diet as possible without industrially processed foods. Instead of eating refined carbohydrates (keyword: white flour), there are plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, whole grain products and high-quality protein on the menu.

While this can be designed according to your own ideas, you should replace a meal with a homemade green smoothie and keep a limit of 1,500 calories per day. These rules are essential in order to achieve the dream weight because coffee cannot work miracles – but it still supports weight loss in a positive way.

is coffee good for weight loss

This is how coffee helps you lose weight

Coffee wakes you up, increases concentration, fights free radicals thanks to its high polyphenol content (which in turn inhibits inflammation and the growth of cancer cells), and promotes the weight loss process. According to research, this is mainly due to three reasons, which we explain in detail here:

Why coffee is good for weight loss – coffee boosts the metabolism

Recent studies prove that coffee makes it easier to lose weight and helps burn more calories. The reason for this is likely to be the caffeine it contains.

Why coffee is good for weight loss – coffee improves fat burning

The study mentioned under point # 1 was also able to find out that coffee is a real fat burner drink. When the test subjects doubled their caffeine consumption, not only their weight but also their body fat percentage could be reduced by 17 to 28 percent. Researchers even suspect that coffee makes the workout more effective because more fat is burned with the same performance as soon as caffeine flows through our veins.

is coffee good for weight loss

Another reason for weight loss – coffee suppresses the appetite

According to science, coffee reduces appetite and thus helps to absorb fewer calories throughout the day. So it can be easily removed without going hungry. However, this effect is only valid if you drink the coffee shortly before a meal.

It is better to avoid the espresso for dinner – six hours before going to bed you should not consume caffeine to avoid insomnia.

What science says: Is coffee good to lose weight?

Researchers from the University of Nottingham published their results in the journal Nature. According to this, the caffeine contained in coffee should stimulate the body to increase energy consumption and improve fat burning.

To find out what effect coffee has on fat burning, the British scientists exposed healthy and normal-weight adult test subjects to various amounts of caffeine.

They wanted to find out how their fat cells react to the coffee. First of all, it is important to distinguish between white and brown adipose tissue. Put simply, white is the “bad” fat – because it stores energy. People used to need it to survive famine, for example.

Nowadays, however, it only makes people overweight.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea. If this is tea, please bring me coffee.

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The brown adipose tissue, on the other hand, is “good” and ensures a healthy body – it is, however, a bit sluggish and must first be activated through sport and exercise.

is coffee good for weight loss

Exercise and caffeine stimulate fat burning

Now one thing is certain: caffeine can also bring about this activation. The researchers from Nottingham discovered this when they compared the temperatures of their subjects. Result: Drinking coffee caused a significantly higher temperature in precisely the region of the body in which there is a particularly large amount of brown adipose tissue.

The brown adipose tissue stimulated in this way can now ensure that the white adipose tissue is burned more efficiently and so caffeine (or the coffee drink) ensures success.

But be careful: If you pour milk, sugar, or sugary syrup into your coffee, you have the opposite effect. The researchers also point out that drinking coffee is of course not a substitute for exercise or diet, but coffee drinkers find it easier to lose weight.

Lose weight and maintain weight: coffee can support the effect

Researchers at the University of Hanover had already made a similar discovery in 2015: Professor de Zwaan’s team found that regular coffee consumption not only helps you lose extra pounds but also helps you maintain your desired weight.

Back to the weight loss effect caused by caffeine (coffee): In further studies, it must now be found out to what extent the activation of the brown fat cells is determined by the dose and whether the effect also occurs in obese people or diabetics.

That is why it is particularly worthwhile to enjoy your delicious coffee while on a diet. The stimulant caffeine not only decreases appetite and hunger but also stimulates the body to burn fat. Two hormones are primarily responsible for this: leptin and peptide YY. Both make the body feel like it has eaten enough to make it easier to stick to a diet.

But when should you drink the coffee in order to achieve the best possible effect? Experts recommend two to three cups before 3 p.m.

Lose weight with coffee? This is how it works

So how does coffee help you lose weight? Coffee really boosts your metabolism. Again, popular caffeine is responsible for this. Scientific studies have shown that caffeine promotes fat burning (lipolysis).

Lipolysis ensures that both food and body fat are split into their individual components and used to supply the body with energy.

Caffeine also increases heat production (thermogenesis) and thus energy consumption. This increases your basal metabolic rate and the body consumes more calories than without caffeine (approx. 50 to 100 kcal per day in addition).

is coffee good for weight loss

Thanks to these processes, you can lose weight with coffee. The trending drink Bulletproof Coffee is also said to be beneficial for intermittent fasting due to its composition. The relationship between Bulletproof Coffee and intermittent fasting can be found in a separate article.

But beware! Don’t get overboard and get the idea of ​​drinking several cups of coffee in a row. With too much coffee, the body gets used to the effect and nothing happens anymore.

No more than 2-3 cups a day should be consumed to see results. We particularly recommend a cup of strong coffee or espresso after a meal. So if you are a heavy coffee drinker, it’s going to be difficult.

Extra low-calorie tip for the summer

An extremely low-calorie variant is ice-cold cold brew coffee – i.e. cold-brewed coffee. We have put together a recipe for cold brew coffee to show you how you can make it yourself quickly and easily.

Conclusion: does the coffee weight loss really make sense?

The coffee diet shows that the drink is more than just a stimulant. Thanks to healthy antioxidants, coffee promotes our health, the caffeine also boosts metabolism, fat burning, and inhibits our appetite.

Nevertheless, coffee is not a miracle potion that conjures up us slim in a few days – anyone who seriously wants to lose weight with this diet should pay attention to a healthy, low-calorie diet and ideally go to the gym regularly.

Even after the end of the diet, to avoid the insidious yo-yo effect. The coffee diet is therefore quite sensible and effective as long as you are willing to change your lifestyle a little in addition to three cups of black coffee.

Finally, it is important to always listen carefully to your body: Those who cannot tolerate caffeine or simply overdo it can quickly feel the unpleasant side effects of coffee, which can lead to depressive moods, sleep disorders, and abdominal pain. Then at least, you should better choose a different diet.

is coffee good for weight loss


Can coffee help me lose weight?

Your coffee consumption alone does not work wonders for weight loss. However, the properties of caffeine in coffee can support your project. The positive effects of caffeine can only unfold if the overall package of a healthy diet with lots of exercise is right.

Losing weight with coffee requires discipline. Because when fat is broken down, the free fatty acids are not consumed as part of an increased energy requirement, the body stores them again. This is especially true for sedentary activities. Otherwise, the effect is zero. A little tip: go for a walk right after your midday espresso.

What else can I do to lose weight?

Low-intensity activities stimulate fat loss more strongly than high-intensity sports. This is because the body provides two ways of providing energy: energy through fat or carbohydrates. In the case of intense exercise of only a short duration, the metabolism relies on carbohydrates instead of fat. So an hour of slow jogging burns more fat than a quick 3-minute sprint.

How much coffee should I drink to lose weight?

Don’t overdo it with the amount of coffee you eat each day. If you drink a lot of coffee, the body gets used to it over time, so that the effectiveness wears off quickly. Maybe you will first try coffee to curb your appetite. Black coffee has almost no calories and stops cravings.

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