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The Most Important Coffee Trends in 2022

In short, the most important thing about coffee trends in 2022:

Which coffee trends will conquer the market in 2022?

There is hardly any other drink that people are as eager to experiment with as they are with coffee. In recent years, a dynamic and innovative coffee market has dominated restaurants, cafes, and domestic coffee production. The coffee trends for 2022 will continue to develop in this direction.

In addition, trendy toppings and refinements as sugar substitutes provide plenty of scope for experimentation, for example with Arabic coffee spices. Recently, there has been an increase in interest in other coffee ideas from Asia. The coffee experts combine several in-drinks to create a new coffee idea. What is particularly noticeable: The topics of sustainability, regionality, and the environment are also growing strongly in the coffee sector and are becoming increasingly established.


Trends in 2022: Toppings and spice mixes

A coffee trend for 2022 is to refine the classic coffee drink with creative toppings. Arabic spice blends with nuances of bourbon vanilla are very popular. The topping contains aromatic spices such as cardamom, nutmeg or cinnamon and can be combined with all classics such as espresso or latte macchiato.

Those who prefer classic toppings as a sugar substitute can use biscuit variations. Small Amarettini crumbs on the milk foam give that certain crunch and look great. If small biscuits were served with coffee in the past, the coffee drink is now refined with topping directly.

Still popular: coffee as a mixed drink

The coffee trends in 2022 will continue towards unusual ideas and coffee mixtures with tea, alcohol, and superfoods. You already know the superfood coffee, blue pea flower coffee, or the goth latte from the last few years. Or creations that have already become classics, such as Cold Brew, Pink Latte, and Nitro Coffee.

But what about the classics from 2021?

The best coffee trends for 2021

The coffee trends with lemonades or superfoods for 2021 are:

What is a coffee tonic?

Creative coffee variations go into the next round with the Cold Brew Tonic and the Coffbucha. Let’s take a closer look at the Cold Brew Tonic. A classic cold brew coffee is mixed with tonic water for this mixed drink in a ratio of 1: 2. Refreshingly with two or three ice cubes and a slice of orange. Predestined as a summer drink! If you like it alcoholic in the evening, add a dash of gin.

What is Coffbucha?

Coffee and kombucha are mixed in this coffee tonic. Kombucha is one of the top superfoods at all. The soft drink is made when sweetened tea, for example, green tea, is fermented by the so-called kombucha mushroom. Kombucha, like the mixed drink Coffbucha, is drunk cold. Kombucha is very healthy for the body, especially because of the probiotics it contains. This has positive effects on the intestines, but other organs such as the heart and brain also benefit from kombucha.

Egg Coffee and Maca Coffee

As mentioned, special coffee preparations from Asia and South America are also becoming increasingly popular. For example, the Vietnamese coffee specialty Egg Coffee, which is prepared with eggs. What at first glance might sound like a not-so-delicious variation is particularly popular with friends of sweet coffee.

Because the egg yolk is whipped with a lot of sugar or sweetened condensed milk and then poured onto the coffee. Freshly prepared, the Egg Coffee is a real eye-catcher. But the coffee trend is also convincing in terms of taste with a creamy nuance that is reminiscent of tiramisu.

Maca coffee combines two stimulants: the maca tuber, a real superfood, has a caffeine content three to five times higher than that of coffee. Its powder is simply added to the coffee. The ultimate hello-wake drink in the morning is ready.

The best coffee trends for 2020

The trends from 2020 were particularly unusual and colorful. They were called:

The superfood coffee fits perfectly into a healthy and vital diet. More and more people are relying on the so-called superfoods, which are supposed to provide additional energy as small nutritional miracles. This includes, for example, vital mushrooms, lucuma, or turmeric. The food is processed into a fine powder, which can be easily sprinkled over the finished coffee specialty, like with Maca coffee. The invigorating topping not only beautifies the coffee but is also said to have a positive effect on the body.

Blue Pea Flower Coffee

With the Blue Pea Flower Coffee, simple coffee creations become colorful pleasure drinks. This coffee trend owes its blue play of colors to the tea of ​​the Blue Pea Flower. In combination with espresso and milk, a delicious and extraordinary coffee creation is created.

If you prefer a different look, you can add fresh citric acid. This ensures a purple-pink color that is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. This makes coffee enjoyment a real experience. Take a look at how blue-tinted coffee is made:

Dalgona Coffee

Anyone who was on social media in 2020 could not avoid one trend: Dalgona coffee (aka whipped coffee) This type of iced coffee looks like an upside-down cappuccino. The Korean drink is made from milk and an equal amount of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water. The last three ingredients are mixed together and whipped until foam forms, which is then poured onto the milk.

Are you still longing for the classics? Then let’s explore…

The best coffee trends for 2019

The coffee trends 2019 consisted of a mix of tradition and innovation. Above all, trends from Asian countries increasingly prevailed. The coffee trends for 2019 were:

Asian types of preparation enter the market

Many coffee trends came to us from other countries. Often they are traditional methods of preparation or special recipes that have long been on the market in their country of origin. How about a popular drink from China, for example? The Coff-Tea combines coffee and tea enjoyment. The best mixing ratio is a matter of taste.

Coffee Lemonade and Mushroom Coffee

When the temperatures in summer make us all sweat, refreshing coffee trends in particular enrich the coffee menu. How about a coffee lemonade? Here the freshness of a lemon or orange meets the special aroma of a cold brew. Almond milk and crushed ice round off the refreshing drink.

Another coffee trend is mushroom coffee. The combination of coffee and mushrooms sounds strange at first, but should promise a particularly healthy coffee enjoyment. Medicinal mushrooms (also medicinal mushrooms) such as chaga and reishi are used, which are ground and added to the coffee powder. This makes mushroom coffee a pioneer of other coffee trends in which coffee beverages are combined with superfoods.

Alternative milk variants are more popular than ever before

Soy milk has been conquering the coffee market as an alternative to classic milk for years. This growing popularity is now being followed by other milk substitute products. Almond milk, nut milk, coconut milk, oat milk, macadamia, rice, pea milk and others can already be found in numerous trendy cafés and local kitchens. And not only that – in 2020, almond milk even managed to replace soy milk as the most popular milk alternative.

Oat drinks are also becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent study by the Australian research company Café Pulse, oat sales have increased by as much as 425% since 2017. Especially in Great Britain and the USA, it is no longer possible to imagine a café without it.

In combination with coffee, however, everyone has to find their own personal favorite, as the tastes of the individual alternatives differ considerably. You can find out which type goes best and forms good milk foam in our milk alternative test.

It can be assumed that this trend will continue and that we will find more plant-based dairy products on store shelves in the next few years.

Sustainability and Local Exotics

What was already a big topic in 2021 will be pushed further in 2022. Due to the corona pandemic, many people mostly only prepare their coffee at home. Some of them are rediscovering their love for coffee and want the best possible components for perfect coffee enjoyment at home. Customers are increasingly relying on sustainability, for example, environmentally friendly to-go cups that are recyclable or directly on reusable cups.

In addition, more coffee beans are being bought from local roasters, which are mostly organic and fair trade.

Fairtrade has long played an important role when it comes to coffee. For many consumers, social justice is an important point, which is why they prefer to buy coffee with the appropriate quality seals. It also supports local businesses that are particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic.

In so-called Local Exotics, products are grown in local regions that otherwise tend to grow in exotic regions. The coffee bean cannot be grown sustainably in this country. However, the first successful attempts at cultivation have been made for topping ingredients such as sugar, ginger, or other spices. We can therefore assume that regionality is becoming more and more important in additional coffee products.

New, sustainable products and environmentally conscious coffee consumers are thus causing a rethink in the coffee world.

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