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17 Reasons You Should Try CBD Coffee

CBD coffee benefits at a glance

CBD coffee benefits at a glance

CBD and coffee – two substances that, at first glance, could not be more different. The caffeine contained in the coffee activates, whereas CBD provides more relaxation. But the combination of both substances is currently in vogue. Why? CBD appears to reduce the negative effects of caffeine and increase mental alertness. Learn more!

Coffee: the ultimate fuel

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to start the day without coffee? Whether filter coffee, an aromatic espresso or a cappuccino with milk froth: coffee helps us to get going. Strictly speaking, it’s the caffeine contained in the coffee beans.

In a lifetime, we drink about 77,000 cups of coffee on average, quite a lot, isn’t it? That’s about 166 liters of coffee per year enjoyed by a single coffee lover.

Coffee in moderation is generally considered healthy. However, if you look too deeply into the coffee cup, you have to reckon with undesirable side effects. This is due to the caffeine it contains. This can lead to nausea, nervousness and inner restlessness. This is where CBD coffee comes into play.

What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is considered the new trend drink among caffeine junkies. It describes the combination of coffee with CBD drops. Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is intended to help reduce the undesirable effects of the caffeine contained in coffee – so that you don’t have to do without the stimulating effect of the hot drink.

CBD and caffeine both interact with the nervous system. Even if the substances have different effects on the body, they should ideally complement each other. Learn all the benefits of combining CBD and coffee in the article below.

Why CBD coffee is trending: at a glance

By combining both substances, the effects of coffee can be prolonged and intensified.

What are the benefits of combining CBD and caffeine?

Anyone who has ever drunk too much coffee or is sensitive to coffee knows that the side effects are not pleasant. This is due to the caffeine contained in the coffee beans. Caffeine is one of the most commonly consumed stimulants worldwide – and is not only a component of coffee beans. Tea and chocolate are also considered natural sources of caffeine.

Various foods and beverages are now also being fortified with caffeine to promote alertness, energy and an uplifted mood. In addition, caffeine is also part of non-food products such as hair shampoos and medications. This makes it difficult to keep track of the amount of caffeine consumed every day – and promotes undesirable side effects. These include, among other things:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, adolescents, young adults, and people with heart and other health problems are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of caffeine. In these cases, the consumption of caffeinated products is not recommended.

CBD serves as a natural supplement against the side effects of caffeine. Via the body’s endocannabinoid system, a part of the nervous system, CBD contributes to an improved body feeling. As studies show, the cannabinoid is already being used successfully as a complementary therapy for anxiety, inner restlessness, and gastrointestinal complaints, including nausea, sweating, and sleep disorders.

CBD to support mood and alertness

Caffeine is used for its energizing, mood-elevating, and alertness-enhancing properties. CBD oil and the plant substances it contains can, in moderate doses, make a positive contribution to this activation.

Benefits of combining CBD and caffeine

CBD for more relaxation and serenity

Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormone adrenaline. Blood pressure rises and heart rate increases. A few drops of CBD oil could help boost the alertness-enhancing effects of coffee.

To enjoy coffee and still remain relaxed. CBD can counteract the blood pressure-increasing effects of coffee. The cannabinoid is said to have antihypertensive properties.

Improved sleep quality

It is well known that enjoying a cup of coffee before sleep can be detrimental. Why is that? Caffeine has an activating effect. CBD, on the other hand, is known for its sleep-inducing properties. However, this should not be a license to drink coffee in the evening. But: If you like to have a cup of coffee in the late afternoon, you can add a few drops of CBD. Possible stimulating effects can be reduced in this way.

Longer and better results

CBD is known for the ideal interaction with other natural substances. The cannabinoid in combination with coffee should get the best out of the natural pick-me-up. The stimulating and activating effects should be prolonged and strengthened.

Why? The chemical structure of CBD and caffeine is very similar. Both substances enter the bloodstream and are broken down in the liver. Since two substances suddenly have to be broken down, it can take longer and the associated effects can last longer, depending on the capacity of the liver.

Did you know that caffeine takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in? The substance is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream.

What types of CBD coffee are there?

Basically, you can enjoy CBD coffee in all different variations. Whether to refine your filter coffee, espresso macchiato or café latte. CBD oil can be added to any type of coffee.

For people who are particularly taste-sensitive, there are special types of coffee enriched with CBD. However, in those, the bioavailability of CBD is very low. It is necessary to add some fat to the coffee in the form of milk or coconut oil. The direct use of CBD oil therefore proves to be more effective.

Where can you buy CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is available in selected shops. Pay particular attention to the high quality of the coffee and the CBD oil used. The THC content should be below the legally permitted detection limit. This can vary depending on the origin of the coffee.

Who is CBD coffee right for?

Basically, CBD coffee is suitable for every coffee lover. Nevertheless, the combination is particularly recommended for:

When is CBD coffee not suitable?

Due to its relaxing properties, CBD coffee can mean that the waking effect is too low in the morning. The consumption of CBD coffee is therefore recommended in the afternoon. In addition, CBD coffee should not be consumed before going to bed, as caffeine still has adverse effects on the quality of falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

CBD and coffee, both combined and separately, are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Children and young people are also advised not to use it.

Criticism of CBD coffee

CBD and caffeine both interact with adenosine, a compound that blocks the release of energizing and activating neurotransmitters. Caffeine acts as an adenosine antagonist. It reduces its effectiveness. So we are more active.

This is very different with CBD. Studies provide evidence that CBD modulates adenosine receptors [7]. This increases sleepiness and relaxation. Although CBD contributes to more alertness by activating the happiness hormone serotonin, which balances the whole thing out, it could also block part of the awakening effect of coffee. Taking both substances separately and at different times could therefore be more effective.

Undesirable side effects of caffeine should also be seen as an impetus to reconsider coffee consumption. There are a variety of gentle, plant-based coffee alternatives.

Are there any scientific studies on CBD coffee?

From a scientific point of view, there are still no studies that directly deal with the effects of CBD and coffee. To date, both substances have been considered in isolation from one another. Individually, however, CBD and caffeine have similarities that have already been scientifically confirmed:

Possible side effects of CBD coffee

In principle, no side effects are to be expected when the two substances are combined. Quite the opposite – in fact, possible negative side effects of caffeine can be reduced. When it comes to the CBD dosage, it is advisable to follow the consumption recommendations.

Guide: How do I mix a coffee with CBD?

There are now many different instructions for CBD coffee. The combination of CBD with bulletproof coffee, known from the so-called keto diet, is particularly popular. It consists of freshly brewed filter coffee and one to two tablespoons of butter. Nothing for everyone, we think.

Preparation of CBD coffee

Preparing CBD coffee is very simple: mix a few drops of CBD oil into your coffee. Find a good balance between the balancing effects of CBD and the activating properties of caffeine.

Tip: It is advisable to start with a few drops so as not to affect the taste of the coffee.

Field report: The trend in the self-test

We tested CBD coffee for ten days. Our conclusion: Definitely worth a try. However, make sure to only use a few drops of CBD oil. Otherwise the taste of the coffee may change. The coffee should also not be too hot in order to preserve the plant substances contained in the oil.

However, CBD coffee is not for people who expect quick effects, especially with the negative side effects. Our experiment has shown that it takes 2-3 days for caffeine-induced nausea to show the first results. In general, the daily caffeine intake should be reduced in the event of undesirable effects.

A good supplement for stressful days

CBD coffee is definitely a nice alternative, especially on busy days when coffee consumption is increasing. There was no trace of tiredness or other undesirable effects in our self-test. The start of the day is more relaxed. An ideal combination on stressful (work) days, in our opinion.


There is some evidence that CBD and coffee work well together. The cannabinoid convinces with its positive properties and the ideal synergy effects with other plant substances. Undesirable side effects of coffee can be reduced as a result. Ideal for people who are sensitive to caffeine. However, if the negative effects of caffeine persist, it is advisable to switch to herbal stimulants in combination with high-quality CBD oils. For every now and then, CBD coffee is certainly a nice change.

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