Coffee Q&A

CBD coffee benefits at a glance

17 Reasons You Should Try CBD Coffee

CBD and coffee – two substances that, at first glance, could not be more different. The caffeine contained in the coffee activates, whereas CBD provides more relaxation. But the combination of both substances is currently in vogue. Why? CBD appears to reduce the negative effects of caffeine and increase mental alertness. Learn more! Coffee: the …

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Health benefits of coffee

17 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee isn’t just a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. People have been enjoying a cup of coffee for hundreds of years and new studies show that it’s actually good for you. Here are some of the best health benefits of coffee. Coffee is a popular drink that often provides positive health …

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Coffee hangover cure

Does Caffeine Help with Hangover?

Coffee and alcohol – is there any connection? I was hoping to have elegantly avoided the topic of caffeine and hangover in my post-New Year posts. Now the holidays are over, the next party (Valentine’s Day) is definitely coming, and I still haven’t answered the question about the effect of caffeine on a big hangover. …

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benefits of black coffee

Is Black Coffee Good for You?

Black coffee hurts the stomach, is unhealthy, far too strong, and just doesn’t taste as good as cappuccino? Unfortunately, black coffee still struggles with these and similar prejudices. Why is black coffee healthy and much better for your health than with additives? A clarification and at the same time a declaration of love for the …

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Is Coffee a Laxative?

Is Coffee a Laxative?

Why does coffee have a laxative effect? And why not with everyone? Let’s find out. A cup of coffee in the morning gets many people’s metabolism going. Why is that actually? And why is that not the case with everyone? Many cannot do without it: the morning cup of coffee. Not only do morning grouches …

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