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Is Coffee a Laxative?

Is Coffee a Laxative?

Why does coffee have a laxative effect? And why not with everyone? Let’s find out. A cup of coffee in the morning gets many people’s metabolism going. Why is that actually? And why is that not the case with everyone? Many cannot do without it: the morning cup of coffee. Not only do morning grouches …

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10 reasons why we love coffee

10 Reasons Why We Love Coffee

The tingling sensation in the stomach. A comfortably warm feeling inside. And that youthful permanent grin on your face. Love is in the air. And our love is for the best hot drink in the world! In this article, you will learn: Reasons why so many people drink coffee The science that backs the all-round …

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Best Non-Dairy Milk for Coffee

11 Best Non-Dairy Milks for Coffee

Cappuccino, latte, café au lait – without milk? How is it possible? But what if you can’t stand conventional milk, don’t like the taste, or just don’t want to consume animal products anymore? Easy: switch to plant-based milk alternatives! And thanks to the vegan gods, these can now be found in every supermarket. We have …

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