10 reasons why we love coffee

10 Reasons Why We Love Coffee

The tingling sensation in the stomach. A comfortably warm feeling inside. And that youthful permanent grin on your face. Love is in the air. And our love is for the best hot drink in the world!

In this article, you will learn:

  • Reasons why so many people drink coffee
  • The science that backs the all-round love for coffee
  • Psychological effects of coffee
  • and a lot more!

Are you wondering whether you are just a simple coffee fan or a real coffee lover? Well, the answer is found quickly! If you agree with our 10 reasons why we love coffee, you’ve lost your heart to the brown bean, too.


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# 1 Coffee time is the ultimate “me” time

Work, household chores, children … Me-time is a rarity in everyday life! Unless you take it. Hiding in the kitchen every now and then and making a coffee can sometimes feel like a whole wellness ritual. And that’s exactly what a coffee break is for – for those short moments when you can just enjoy and do something good for yourself.

# 2 The smell of coffee in the morning wakes you up

“Nobody can speak to me before the first coffee!” That is the motto of many coffee lovers for a reason. Because only this one cup in the morning makes our inner grumpy cat disappear. And let’s be honest: the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning alone puts you in a damn good mood. Probably because of the anticipation that arises at the thought of the delicious first sip.

# 3 Coffee brings pep into the kitchen

Coffee and cake are a dream team. But have you ever tried coffee as an ingredient for fancy drinks and extravagant dishes? The aromatic superstar brings that certain something into your kitchen and makes your dishes, snacks, cocktails, and feel-good drinks unique.

# 4 With coffee you can get through any exhausting (online) meeting

Coffee contains caffeine. And caffeine is known to be a real stimulant and promotes concentration. That has already been clarified. Now a question for you: What can you not use in every exhausting (online) meeting? Exactly! Difficulty concentrating. And that’s why our favorite caffeinated drink is the first choice for such downs! The caffeine kick gives you the energy you need to hold out in any meeting marathon, no matter how long.

10 reasons why we love coffee

# 5 Good coffee is like a short vacation

Wanderlust? Don’t know her! Because if a weekend trip is not an option, we simply bring the holiday feeling to our home – for example with bitter espresso for a short trip to Italy. Or would you prefer to go on a trip to France? Just add some more milk and you have a mild café au lait. (Pleasure) travel is that easy.

# 6 Coffee is an all-rounder

Coffee is not only the best drink of all time but also an absolute all-rounder. You can use it as flower fertilizer, exfoliate your body, and even use it to make shoes. No joke!

# 7 Drinking coffee is like traveling back in time to the most beautiful moments in life

Coffee brings back memories of exciting first dates, fun conversations with best friends, and cozy afternoons with family. Every sip brings these great moments back to your mind and puts a smile on your face.

10 reasons why we love coffee

# 8 Coffee really heats things up

Coffee drinkers have better sex lives. At least that’s what a study by the University of Michigan says. This says that people who drink coffee regularly feel twice as sexually active as those who do not consume coffee. We would say 1-0 for team coffee.

# 9 Coffee is all about cultural diversity

Coffee is enjoyed all over the world. But not in the same way everywhere. For example, at an Eritrean coffee ceremony, the beans are roasted and passed around so that all participants can absorb the aroma. Only then are these pounded and poured. Popcorn is often served with freshly brewed coffee.

In Turkey, on the other hand, mocha with salt plays an important role in holding the bride’s hand. She mixes the salt in the groom’s cup. If he drinks the mocha without changing a face, he proves to all those present that he is worthy of them.

# 10 Coffee is art

Instagram is full of artful coffee creations. In the meantime, #coffeeart has established itself as an art form of its own. Many baristas inspire their followers, for example, with beautiful patterns that they conjure up from the milk foam of the cappuccino. But the coffee itself is no longer just black or brown. For example, we colored our latte pink with beetroot juice. And our Pink Latte is the perfect Instagram motif.